Established in 1979  

Updated: April 20, 2015

American Shetland Pony Club

Hall of Fame

The following are Shetland Ponies that have made their home at Howard Stables and have been inducted into the ASPC Hall of Fame:


Hot Hot Heat HOF

1999 Shetland Gelding

T-A-M-S Wise Guy  x  T.A.M.'s Fanta "C"

20?? -  Formal Pleasure

20?? - Halter

2009 - Country Pleasure




Pony Vistas Legacy HOF

2001 Shetland Stallion

 D&S Yippieiociay x Pony Vistas Nancy Lee HOF

20?? - Roadster


Created In His Image HOF

1999 Shetland Stallion

Spit-N-Image HOF x Michigan's Native American

20?? - Halter

2009 - Harness







Crescent's Copper Misty HOF

1962 Shetland Mare

Golden Flash x Misty of Crescent Copper


1969 - Roadster



Tamerlane's Golden Rose HOF

1960 Shetland Mare

Patton's Prince Regent x Tamerlane's Samal


1973 - Roadster

1966 and 1967 Congress Champion

Roadster, Over 43" - 46"


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Bar-G's Stoney HOF

1977 Shetland Stallion

Bar-G's Rock-'O' x Bar-G's Glamour Girl


1985 - Halter

Congress Champion Model Stallion



Silver Blazer HOF

1967 Shetland Stallion

Wiseacres Peerless Pierre Cody x Dunrovin Xies Silver Flash


1986 - Harness


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Glad Creation HOF

1966 Shetland Mare (deceased)

Wiseacres Peerless Pierre Cody x Dunrovin Xies Silver Flash


1992 - Pleasure Driving



Captain Courageous HOF

1977 Shetland Gelding

Pony Vista's El-Capitan x Prairie Hill's Tiffany


1992 - Roadster

1988 Congress Champion Open Roadster, Over 43" - 46"


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Promises to Please HOF

1984 Shetland Mare

Ridgelieu's Jet Percussion x Walnut Hall's First Affair


1995 - Halter

1985 Congress Champion Junior Mare, Ohio State Fair



TJ's Fall Bonanza HOF

1982 Shetland Gelding

Ivana's Mr.-Somebody-TJ x Ivana's Penny Mix-Up


Classic Pleasure Driving

Classic Halter



Other Past Champions . . . .


Silver Blaze

1980 Shetland Mare

Silver Blazer  HOF x Tamerlane's Jovanna


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B. The Great Day

1971 Shetland Stallion

Model Hi Time x Beaver's Livin' Doll



Techni Star

1977 Shetland Gelding

Dun-Haven Dutch Chocolate
Dun-Haven Fantasia


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1974 Shetland Gelding



RS Topper's Doll Baby





1963 Shetland Stallion

Exline's Double Trouble
 Wonder's Sparkling Gold


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Jon Bon Jovi FMF

1995 Shetland Stallion

Double Stuf x Bon Jon Running Fawn


Now Owned by Gayle Buck

Sneak Preview

1984 Shetland Stallion

Ridgelieu's Jet Percussion x Canfield's Pin Up Girl


198? Congress Reserve Grand Champion Stallion, Over - Ohio State Fair


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Charismatic Image FMF

2000 Shetland Mare

Spit-N-Image x Royal Manor Charisma


2000 Congress Champion Modern Mare Foal


HS Bashful Joe

1987 Modern Shetland Stallion

Country Pine x Cres-Or-Lars April Love